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Operation Instructions:

Please ensure the battery is fully-charged and the food contacting parts are thoroughly cleaned before using.
1. Washing the fruits and cut into piece of 1. 5x1. 5 cm (please get rid of nuts, hard items, thick skins and etc.).
2. Put the fruits into the cup about 60 % of its capacity and put into water to the level of 90%.
3. Cover the cup with the main machine. Please ensure the triangle marking on the motor head align with the triangle marking on the cup; Otherwise, the appliance will not work.
4. Put the juicer on horizontal position and double-click switch, then vertical the machine after the machine is working. After 20 seconds, the appliance will stop working automatically. You can start again if the fruit or ice is not fully blended.
5. If there're too many pomace, please use the screen to filter it before drinking.

Specification Product

Cup Material: BPA Free Tritan food grade
Battery Capacity: 4000mAh (support 20-30 cups)
Blade Material: 6 sharp blades 304 stainless steel
Charging time: 3-5 Hours
Working Current: 10A
Working Voltage: 7.4V
Rotation Speed: 20000 RPM
Bottle Capacity: 420ML
Blender Size: 210*75*75mm
Mix Completed: 20s

Portable Blender

The blender design with an lanyard that you can take anywhere and anytime, you don’t need to pour out to another bottle then drink directly. 420ML capacity, It is more convenient to take out to the kitchen, office, traveling, camping, outdoor, etc.

Powerful 6 Blades

This portable blender is equipped with 20000mpr speed 6 ultra-sharp 304 stainless steel blades, the strong blades lift and push down quickly, mix completely fruits and vegetables occurring from the bottom of the cup.

Food-Grade Material

The mini blender is made of food-grade non-toxic and eco-friendly Tritan material, BPA free, blade material is 304 Stainless Steel, power for smooth results.

Rechargeable & Type C Port

Built-in 4000mah 7.4V powerful battery, It can produce 25-30 cups of juice at one full charge for 3h, the Type-C port is more convenient than the USB port and it could be charged through a power library, laptop, desktop, mobile phone, and car charging port.